Though we don’t see any reason in someone stopping by this page but now, you were the one to click so go on now, know a li’l something .


This is the null street for snake charmers .
we ruin this blog together …and sorry if I misspelt the word ‘run’.
So here you’ll find some art and some nice things to read.

First things first, IF you are allergic to open (trash) talk, profane , sacrilegious talk and are of the opinion that nude-art is offensive, thankyou. And by thankyou we mean ‘you’ve probably ended up in the wrong neighbourhood and should right away go back to whichever planet you call home.’

BUT , if you’re not one of those above mentioned, then HECK YES! bro-dawg ! come join the feast.

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‘follow’ it if you like it.
or atleast read till the end, that sould suffice.
Contact us if you wish to collaborate.

Okay happy reading then . bye .
also, hi !

P.S.- you can ignore the genius here ……… however …….I won’t recommend that



Neelesh Chandola

Contact – /  (8007814619)

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