It’s that time of the year again , when , in an Indian engineering college , professors transmute themselves and appear , to the rest of the unwashed masses, as a King holding court. Right , Winter is coming , and so are ‘submissions’.

Walking past the corridors fetching my files to professors cooling their heels in their cabins , which by the whims of fate, happen to be as far from each other as the tropic of cancer from the tropic of Capricorn ,to get myself bestowed with the customary ‘signature’ , I stopped for a while and pondered over the weirdest autographs I’ve ever come across. And , by Jove , what a long sentence that one was!

“…Time to get medieval on a few asses ”
– two bit professors

Let’s begin with Kurt Vonnegut Jr. , the literary genius , whose signatures are arguably one of the most queer and artistic too .




Well this drawing above ,….. is the signature and not a portrait as most of us might possibly guess.

Next in the series of whims is the signature of American poet and critic Ezra Pound,

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This , right here  is the famous ‘Gadfly signature’ of Ezra Pound which bears a close resemblance to a Gadfly . Pound adopted this signature as his own after he gifted a book to his sweetheart Hilda Doolittle for whom he was known to have written (or tried writing) a sonnet a day. The book was named… what ? ‘The Gadfly’ .

Another signature one is bound to find pleasantly surprising is the one of William Adlington Cadbury . It goes without saying that he is the founder of the famous and omnipresent confectionery brand Cadbury , except he’s not .He actually , is the grandson of the founder of Cadbury , John Cadbury (and ooh… what a mouth-watering yummy name that one is… 🙂 )

Image result for william adlington cadbury

And here are the world renowned signatures which served as the idea for the logo of Cadbury …



The next remarkable signature is of the famous Indian flautist (a flutist) Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya . He is a Padma Bhushan awardee and has also been honored with Knighthood in France.

Image result for pt. hariprasad chaurasiya

Image result for pt. hariprasad chaurasia signatures

The flute has , no doubt , leaked beyond the confines of profession and occupied a certain tangible volume in his way of life . Likewise , the signatures of the Tabla Maestro Dr. Zaakir Hussain bear the shape of a Tabla .

The next name in our catalogue belongs to the immortal Dali . Salvador Dali well known for his whimsical artistic style was no less whimsical with his signatures . Have a look- 

Image result for salvador Dali


His signature itself is a work of art.

The next person on our radar is the renowned mathematician and a source of inspiration to many (me, for one) , Carl Friedrich Gauss. The mathematical genius had a signature as majestic as his stature.

Image result for gauss


Beautiful and more arabesque than a grape vine.

Lastly let me introduce you to the signatures simplest to be forged . They belong to former United States secretary of treasury , Jack Lew. 

Image result for jack lew

Image result for jack lew sign

….was that ?  .. gimme a break ..
I’m a regular last-resort signature-forger and owing to which ,can assure you that if on the contours of the terra-firma of the planet earth , there’s a signature easiest to be forged , it is this, it is this , it is this !

Well , back now from my sweet reverie , I realized this isn’t the time for such shit , we still have got bigger fish to fry , and where was I on towards ? yes, to that … butt-fuck, Egypt !




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