How to never lose a game of tic-tac-toe

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Now this was meant to be a secret , but the bats in my belfry and the butterflies in my stomach urge me to spill out that there is , a strategy which lets you never lose a game of tic-tac-toe (or noughts and crosses) , though not necessarily win it , which means the worst scenario can be a draw. Come , be a bit smarter .

Before the actual secret to victories , there are a few words I’d like to speak , and they are – Nitwit , blubber , oddment , tweak .
…. and a bit of terminology which may come in handy during the course of your learning , which is –

Centre square : The square common in every three-square diagonal.
Edge square : any square that has an edge common to the centre square.
Corner square : any square having no edge common to the centre square.
and that’s all 

You get the first turn 

Rule no. 1 –
Never start a game with the edge square , do it either with a corner or the centre.

Starting with the centre 

if you mark the centre on the first turn of the game and your opponent marks an edge , it becomes incredibly easy for you to win . 

If , however , he happens to mark a corner , which is the safe thing to do , things get a bit tricky and it depends on your opponent whether you win or make do with a draw.

Starting with the corner 

If you start the game with a corner , then just wait for your opponent’s move . Any move of your opponent except the centre guarantees your win. Take for example the scenario in the picture.

another good-looking win is a one of this kind –

If , however , he/she marks a centre , then it again comes down to the maneuvers  of your opponent to decide the game , but what you must do is just mark the corner square opposite to you on the same diagonal. Consider this –

Opponent gets the first turn

Opponent plays centre or corner

If your opponent plays the centre or the corner , and follows all the steps above , then the best you can salvage is a draw .
Remember – If the opponent plays a centre , then play a corner (and then the nearest corner) ; if he plays the corner , then play the centre (and then an edge).

Opponent plays edge

The only chance to win is if your opponent plays an edge , in which case simply capture the centre , and if he/she captures the opposite edge , you win by playing a corner.

Special cases –
There are a few ways , however , to win by playing an edge on the first move , but it requires your opponent to be sufficiently stupid. 

Suppose you play an edge and he plays a centre , then just capture the farthest corner.
If he captures an edge opposite your first move , you win by capturing the corner which is nearest to both the squares you’ve marked.

You play an edge .
opponent plays the centre .
you play the farthest corner.
opponent plays the edge nearest to both of you marked squares (the one which joins them) 
you block opponent’s win .
Opponent now plays the remaining edge.
WIN by playing the obvious corner.

Now that the cats are out , annoy the asses off your friends .

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