Living in the aftermath of Newton’s fallen apple

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Aeons ago , on our place called Earth , though we don’t deserve it , sat a man under a tree , and though he didn’t deserve it , was fallen upon by an apple so sweet and savory it could possibly have been the forbidden apple in the gardens of Eden.

That one wretched apple fucked us all !!
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Kan ma Kan , fi qadeem azzaman…

It was so , it was not , in a time long forgot… that a man called Isaac sat under a tree , he was hit upon the head by a apple which had fallen out of moroseness towards the exasperatingly immobile plant kingdom ( kingdom plantae if you’re an acquaintance to the witchcraft called biology ).

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That man , I’m disheartened to say , not only ‘did not eat’ it , but , got so enraged by the temerity of that little apple , he fucking cursed the succeeding generations by attributing laws of studies to the nondescript fall . Loser ! Coward !

Ages ago , Eve and Adam had quietly eaten the apple from the tree of forbidden knowledge , like good timid children , though they weren’t supposed to. And… this genius right here , spurned the divine gift , when he was supposed to honor the act of God.

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Had he been an Indian , he’d have used the apple as a rock to hit with , and drawn out another pair , with the street skills he’d obviously be having.

Coming back to the accursed apple now . Galileo Galilei , died in the year 1642, and just an year hence , was born our Isaac . But what matters here is … , This – upon dying , Galileo left us one thing to be revered as a relic – a middle finger. True story.

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Such a middle finger !     #middlefinger_goals

Now we know for sure who the middle finger was meant for. That middle finger mocked Isaac for the rest of his life. For the record, the middle finger now rests in a glass case at a museum in Florence , which means , even to this day , Galileo mocks your incompetent professors.

That Isaac, later when he grew up, poked his mighty long Pinocchio nose into everything you’ll ever have at school , even biology. The three laws of motion and that of gravitation and the ilk are only one of the most famous ones. Try picking up a book on tailoring and it will possibly be containing one of Isaac’s laws of tailoring or some petty tricks.

In hindsight, we do realize he could have saved us a lot of trouble , had it not been because of a silly apple . You see it , it has always been about an apple , be it biblical times or Isaacian . Even in Sir C.S. Lewis’s ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia’ , the witch queen Jadis of Charn ate an apple quite unrighteously.

Probably that’s the reason it is called an ‘apple of discord’ and not a ‘turnip of discord’.

Here’s a picture featuring a middle finger of one of my favorite men in the world.

Gabo ! (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

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