Of Milo-of-Croton and his incredible strategy

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Milo , a celebrated wrestler of his age , once roamed the Magna Graecan city of Croton (now in Italy). He won the ancient Olympic games six times.
Throughout his monumental career , he is said to have encountered few worthy challengers ,even led his fellow citizens to military triumph over neighboring Sybaris ,which made him the stuff of paintings and writings .

The Strategy

What is interesting about Milo is the story behind him becoming the greatest wrestler to rule the epoch . Milo once got himself a newborn calf and decided to rear it . He practised by lifting the little thing effortlessly. The onlookers mocked him for such stupidity but paying no heed , Milo kept the thing going on .

In it’s own sweet time , the calf grew up to be a young bull and Milo kept lifting it as it increased in size and meanwhile , his muscles kept growing stronger until one day , finally , when he was lifting into the air a full grown bull. The onlookers were stunned at his strength and he went on to become a mogul of the Olympics .

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The story conceals within it heaps of inspiration if only you happen to have the eye for it .

Finally , as a legend has it , Milo died when his hand got trapped in a crevice in the trunk of a tree while trying to rip it apart into two , and a pack of wolves devoured the helpless Milo.

‘Milo of Croton’ by Joseph Benoit .

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