Carpe Noctem!

That afternoon, as I stood on the balcony oblivious of what was to befall me , things started to get obscure against my will , as a repercussion of what had started more than a month ago.

More than a month ago….

It was the time of the winter vacations and because we had failed in a few subjects , we couldn’t afford to go home this time in order to make up for it. It had been about a little more than two weeks since we had started our ‘nocturnal nights experiment’ , which I had always thought of since I was a boy , which I always was since humans do not undergo gender transmutation so very often.

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We woke up at 3 in the afternoon every day and kept awake all night till 8 in the morning and though we had reckoned it to be the perfect strategy for effective study , things didn’t turn out to be so , as both of us (who I shared my room with) failed again in 3 more subjects.

This period , though not otherwise , was quite a productive time for my creative alter-ego. It was during these days that I conceived the idea of this blog and wrote my first few pieces including the infamous ‘ The Kaalu Chronicles ‘.

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The early bird catches the worm , but the night owl , well, he simply doesn’t care about worms , and at times ends up devouring the early bird itself.

Another good thing was that we got into the habit of taking breakfast daily . Taking a bath became an exotic fantasy , though. Still , among other things I always brooded on , this was one – turning day into night and night into day . So it was going quite well.

Things went on like this for more than a month until one day….
It was late morning , around 11 , and I had been awaken by a phone call from mummy. After promptly clearing my throat so as to appear well awake , I went to the stairs , near the balcony . I remember answering a few customary questions and then things went hazy .

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The next thing I remember was waking up lying sprawled out just above the flight of stairs with a biting pain in my right ear , right cheek , right cerebellum , right arm and the entire right part of my body. Sitting up , I found out I was completely disoriented , devoid of any sense of place and time.

It took me a few moments and hit and trials to figure out my whereabouts , whether I was at my hostel , in Pune , or my home , at Nainital.

I teetered to the mirror on the washroom and saw my red face and a blue and black spot on the right part. That was the second worst way I had ever seen myself , second only to when I was chickenpoxed .

The blue stain finally came off after a week in the same manner as a snake sheds it’s skin , and then I again reverted to my old and good schedule.

….. and lived happily ever after.

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